Aadhaar Card Booking Slots Online for Aadhaar Enrollment


By visiting the Aadhaar Card Enrollment centre directly, the people of Hyderabad can no longer enroll themselves. Before enrolling for Aadhaar Card, the authorities have decided that everybody must fill up a form that is available in online for booking one of the available slots for the same. If the booking facility accessible in online is not there for theĀ en-rollerĀ then he/she can also call 1100 number and book a slot from his phone. The Aadhaar Card enrollment centers will not accept the slips that are issued by the LPG agencies. The LPG agencies are asked to book slots online by the authorities. There are two various types online registration forms are available for the enrollers who are of two different types. The first type is for the LPG connection holder and the other one is for all the others. At present, the second type of registration is possible only for people from Hyderabad district. The type which is available for online registration facility is for the people from 4 districts namely East Godavari, Chittor, Rangareddy and capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad. Must Also Read – Download e-Aadhaar Card Online.

After filling up the required details successfully and submitting them, there will be a message shown as confirmation stating that slot is successfully booked you will be shown some particulars after submitting like slot number, slot date x time, and the summary of the enrollment centre. While visiting the Aadhaar Card Enrollment centre, you should take and go your LPG book or latest LPG bill along with you. If you can download your respective Aadhaar Card Download at Eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in website.

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  1. Rajaram Shivbalak Varma says:

    Respected sir/ madam, I visited in your office at khar west, Mumbai. for applying U I D A I , but the staff check my Ration card/ passport .than told me , come after 3/ 4 …month and she gave me the date after four month…I told how can I come same time because I am working at KUWAIT (Gulf country) in a yearly vacation period is only Thirty days…..
    pleaze, sir/madam ,reply me how can I get the Aadhar card ( U I D A I )
    thank you

  2. Dilip Sonera says:

    i don’t get my adhar card because it is difficult to stand in a long ques, how to get on line aadhar

  3. rajesh says:

    my eAdhar card .1190/34251/07895 date,10/07/2012/ 15.06.10-/RAJESH

    wif, 1190/34251/07896 date.10/07/2012./15.09.05/..ANITA

    son 1190/34251/07897.date.10.07.2012../15.12.39/ NITIN

    Place Tal me my Detals


  4. Anindya Kar says:

    I booked aadhar card slot online for LPG. My booking details —
    Slot No:2013-406403 Counter No 1.
    Slot date and time : 06-Jul-2013 10:30 AM-01:00 P.M
    However on that particular date and time, KRISHNA NAGAR COMMUNITY HALL was closed. Now I cannot book another slot for aadhar card. Please help me to get aadhar card for LPG.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Sanjay Dattaram Amare says:

    Please correct My daughter’s first name as Arya instead of Mentioned name Aarya And her enrolment Number is as 1104/20631/07237

  6. sir ,
    i wil change my address of aadhar card because my temprory in aadharcard printed my perment addresss is h.no-176,mohalla-bongaburu, post office-navadih , p.s-sonahathu , district-ranchi , pin-835204. my aadhar no-543877491833

  7. sher singh says:

    my enrolment no 1335/12102/00132 dt 11/07/2013 time 15:51:20

    please find herwith my aadhaar card

  8. Arya Ashok Kandalkar says:

    The following Aadhar enrolled nos are pending due to want of Aadhar Card, pl advise, how i will get it.

    1. Arya Ashok Kandalkar Enrollment No : 1127/43006/00890 Date and Time : 19/07/2013 11:21:25

    2. Akshad Ashok Kandalkar Enrollment No : 1127/43006/00891 Date and Time : 19/07/2013 11:26:31


    Ashok Khandalkar

  9. sir my adhar card not found . its enrolment no is 1040/10863/34388 dt 14/05/2013.

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